Ways to say thank you with cai & jo

Saying thank you feels good! There are many reasons to say it, maybe one of your pals has taken extra good care of you, a close loved one has stood by your side, some attentive teachers have gone that extra mile for you or maybe a lovely nurse has guided you through harder times - a little goes a long way with showing your appreciation. Written words work for the more sentimental of folk out there, but everyone loves a gift! These gifts don’t have to be huge or expensive either - here are some perfect examples:



Write a few meaningful words in one of our beautiful cards, luckily for you we have PLENTY of choices, with all kinds of designs to suit many tastes.


Small Gifts

Hand that person a little gift to remind them how much they mean to you, it doesn’t have to tug at the purse-strings to mean the world to someone. Gift someone a keychain that they can take with them wherever they go and brighten their day!

If you know that special someone well enough then you could choose them a print! We have lots of prints that would make a perfect thank you gift - you could personalise these with a note lightly written on the back with pencil, or accompany them with one of our cards. Bring some happiness to their homes/work space, they will never forget how much their kindness meant to you!

Another gift that will shout ‘thank you!’ but without taking up lots of bag space when you give it to them are our gleaming golden Sol coasters. Choose between a set of one, two or three depending on your budget! I promise you they will love them.