Gift ideas for the ‘Zen’ one

Breathe in… and out. Ah, how relaxing it is to be in the presence of the person who just always manages to stay calm. No matter how cramped their tube is on their morning commute, how late their cab is or how many people they are cooking for at a dinner party, they manage everything with grace and never show any sign of stress. We at Cai & Jo have collated the perfect list of gift ideas to show appreciation to the person always keeping calm in generally uncalm situations.

1. Nostalgia Print

A very popular print and we know why! The warm colours create such a calming atmosphere, like a big deep breath of fresh air.

2. The Ana Pendant Necklace

What more to show your appreciation than this beautiful pendant? Symbolic of a sunrise, the pure tranquillity of nature is perfectly captured in this necklace.

3. Modern Muse Collage Kit

With peachy and pink tones to adorn their walls with, this collage kit is an ideal gift. The act of curating the wall is calming in itself, and the result is always stunning!

4. Home Print

Another gorgeously calming print to match their relaxed energy!

4. Ceramic Trinket Dish

The perfect dish for burning an incense cone or keeping a sage smudge stick.

4. Sunrise Blanket

We think this blanket is ideal for relaxing and brings the calm of the sunrise to any room!

4. Inhale Exhale Print

How could we end the list without the ultimate zen print!? An all-time fave, this is the perfect print to put in a yoga space or an office space for a daily reminder to stay zen.