Gift Ideas for the plant lover

Gift Ideas for the plant lover

The plant lover; whenever you walk into their house it is a tropical paradise, they know exactly what time to water their plants, how much each one needs, their precise sunlight requirements and, I bet they even know all of their plant’s favourite colours. Luckily for you we have put together the perfect collection of Cai & Jo gifts for your friend, relative or other who just can’t help themselves every time they walk into a plant shop or garden centre! 🌱

1. Plant Prints

Why not give them one, two or three of our 6 vibrant A4 plant prints? These gorgeous prints would make a beautiful addition to their already stunning indoor garden!

2. Corduroy Makeup Bag in Olive

A cute and practical item to help store makeup, toiletries, or even plant food!

3. Under The Sky Print

Another perfect and planty print to add to their already flourishing interior!

4. The Areca Woven Blanket

Which plant lover wouldn’t want a big cosy throw to snuggle under amongst their plants this winter? They will blend in with their indoor rainforest and become one with their plant pets.

5. Daisy Mini Cushion

So cute and gorgeously green, this sweet little cushion is an ideal gift for someone with a green thumb!

6. Small Folding Fan

Available in two tropical designs, these fans are the perfect boho accessory.

6. The Tropics Bandana

And last but not least, the incredibly versatile ‘Tropics Bandana’! There are so many different ways to style a bandana therefore suiting every plant lover’s life!