6 Bold Aries Gift ideas

6 Bold Aries Gift ideas

Fiery and passionate, Aries are often easy to spot from a mile away. With their strong personalities and extroverted social styles, they make fun friends, partners and family members. They are assertive and always stand up for what they believe in, meaning they’ll always be there to back you up if you need them to. Rams are known to be strong and independent, their robust horns make them ready for any physical or emotional challenge, however, although they are strong, our Aries will always be a little bit hard to really know on an emotional level! A thoughtful gift is a guaranteed way to get through to the more sensitive side of your respected Aries.

Symbol: Ram

Colour: Red

1. Aries Zodiac Card

Firstly, no matter the occasion, it’s always best to start out with a greetings card. Why not make an already personal message even more personal by choosing them a card based on their Zodiac sign?

2. Set of 4 Cocktail Picks

Everyone knows that Aries are deeply extroverted people who love to host a good party. Why not give them these gorgeous cocktail picks to make their hosting life more fabulous! These can equally be used for smaller gatherings, they are just the perfect all round gift!

3. The Sun Cushion

What better than the sun itself to remind an Aries of their fiery soul! With the red and pink colour palette, it is the perfect cosy gift for an aries who loves to chill, and to bring some sunshine into their home.

4. Corduroy Makeup Bag in Burnt Orange

Again continuing with the symbol of the sun, this makeup bag is perfect for any Aries in need of a little cosmetics organisation.

5. The Ana Pendant Necklace

Reminiscent of the sun rising over the sea, this necklace would be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Aries are confident and love to stand out in a crowd, therefore the fiery orange sapphire is the perfect stone to match their personality.

6. Aries Print

At last, this zodiac print’s beautiful colours would be a great addition to their living space. The bold Ram on their wall will forever remind them of that trademark strength and grit that all our Aries have!