6 Perfect Leo Gifts

Born July 23rd to August 22nd, Leos are known to be joyful, charismatic, and of course, brave - just like lions! They are fantastic friends to have as they possess a tangible strength, and can be very protective, but just like lion cubs they are extremely playful and enjoy being surrounded by their friendship group. Leos will open their hearts to you, so make sure to dive in as you will be rewarded with an endless amount of love. Great gifts will offer vibrancy, royalty, and also luxury. Yes, Leos may be a ruling force, but they also appreciate warmth from others so don’t be afraid to treat them! As Leos ruling planet is the sun, Leos appreciate exuberance, kindness and energy put into gifts, so don’t be afraid to get creative with them!

Symbol: Lion

Colours: Yellow, Gold

1. Leo Zodiac Card

Surprise your Leo with a creative message in one of our beautiful foiled zodiac cards! Be bold - tell them how much you appreciate them and they will be sure to be impressed. Between you and me, another trait of theirs is to be dramatic, so don’t feel too embarrassed to really tell them how you feel!

2. Sol Cushion

Their symbol is LITERALLY the sun so what a perfect gift for your cherished Leo. Treat them with vibrancy, summer tones, warmth and comfort, they will be proud to have you in their life!

3. The Sol Coaster in Peachy Orange

These come in sets of one, two or three, so let your Leo fill their home with luxurious gold and orange suns!

4. The Ana Pendant Necklace

This gold necklace has a glittering orange sapphire placed within a sun design which will bring a smile to your Leos face! They will proudly wear your gift as a symbol of their firey soul.

5. Leo Print

This roarsome print will be sure to remind your Leo of their strength and resilience!

6. Corduroy Makeup Bag in Burnt Orange

No matter how fierce, your Leo still needs their daily essentials to feel bold. Adorned with a beautiful golden sun, our beautiful burnt orange velvet makeup bags have many compartments to store all kinds of goodies.