6 Dreamy Virgo Gift Ideas

6 Dreamy Virgo Gift Ideas

Having a close relationship with a Virgo is a truly special thing. Born between August 23rd and September 22nd, their element is earth meaning they are grounded and connected. They thrive when they feel secure and loved, so getting them the perfect gift will resonate wonderfully with them. They are known to be perfectionists, and with their super specific attention to detail it can seem a bit of a daunting task to get them the perfect gift. Although it may seem this way on the outside, Virgos are truly naturally kind, appreciative and sensitive, making them the ideal gift receiver. If you’re out to buy a gift for your virgo this season, we at have the perfect ideas for you.

Symbol: Maiden holding sheaves of wheat

Colours: White. Lilac, muted browns and greens

1. Virgo Zodiac Card

SWhy not charm your Virgo by writing them a sweet and sentimental message in our Virgo zodiac card? Virgos appreciate it when they feel understood and seen, therefore you can’t go wrong by telling them how much you appreciate all of their specific quirks and characteristics.

2. Virgo Print

Remind your Virgo of their symbol with this beautifully illustrated Virgo print! Available in A3, A2 and A1.

3. Corduroy Makeup Bag in Olive

Greens are one of the colours of Virgo, meaning anything green will make them feel connected with their natural earthiness! This handy makeup pouch is ideal for any Virgo to organise their cosmetics, with their makeup and toiletries all stowed away in one safe space, it will be sure to put their wandering minds at rest.

4. Through the Palms Print

The perfect palette for your Virgo: with the soft gradient of lilac to pink, and the green palms, plus the white of the lovely crescent moon! This print also brings a warm and nostalgic feeling of Summer, which suits the Virgo’s time of year - holding onto those last few weeks of sunshine!

5. Cactus Keychain

Practical, affordable, how could you ever go wrong with a keychain? Your Virgo will be super grateful for this gift to keep their belongings organised and their keys easy to find.

6. Areca Blanket

Being an earth sign means Virgos are very in touch with their senses, therefore, any soft furnishings would be a delightful addition to their space. The Areca blanket is beautifully decorated with illustrations of the Areca palm. Anything plant related will be sure to boost your Virgo’s mood!