6 cai & jo Dorm Room Essentials

You’ve done it! You’ve been released into the wilderness that is university life. Daunting - yes, but exciting - YES. You may have moved to a different city, or even a different country, and you now have housemates! You could be in your second year, living with your chosen buddies, or maybe you’re in your third year - ready to cram lots of information into your studious mind! Whatever your situation, It’s important to create a base that feels like home - somewhere to relax and unwind, as well as a spot where you can focus (as we know how hard that can be with all the fun distractions!)

We suggest that an easy way to start is to pick a colour theme that you like. We encourage pastels and warm tones to create a chilled, calming vibe… but if you can’t choose then have a play around! Place some super cute plants around your room, some easy care options include: snake plants, peace lilies, monsteras or devil's ivy that you can hang from higher spaces. These will give your space some life, without giving you too much responsibility. We also LOVE lamps. Sometimes ceiling lights can give off a harsh white light, so pick yourself a lamp with a warm beige light bulb - trust me, you’ll feel relaxed in no time! Grab yourself a diffuser or some candles to release some comforting smells into your new abode… think ~zen~.

Let us help you create your own comfortable, aesthetic living space. It’s incredible how having a few statement pieces can completely change a room! Here’s our 6 essentials to take your space to the next level:

1. Throw Pillows

Check out our beautiful embroidered cushions, they’re super soft and have a lovely texture (you can stroke them if you have exam stress!) and they’ll brighten up any room!.

2. Cosy blankets

All our blankets are perfect for draping over sofas or on beds for that extra cosiness. They are also great to wrap around you when you’re staying up late to finish deadlines! We have different sizes for different needs, with many styles - take a look!

3. Unique prints

Prints are a MUST in your dorm room, can you even say you’ve been to uni if you haven’t used command strips? Splash some colour on those walls and feel good - create your own style and impress your buddies with your coolness.

4. Collage Kits

If you can’t pick what prints you like, why not have fifty! Our high quality collage kits contain 50 different prints that cover a huge area of 3.12 square meters or 33.6 square foot. Add a feature wall to your new space, and create a reading nook by adding a cute chair and a tall plant.

5. Coasters

Yes you’re at uni - but please remember to look after your surfaces! That donated table from your family deserves some TLC, so be sure to grab some coasters to avoid cup/ring marks, they’ll look super cute too!!

6. A puzzle!

Place one of these in your bookshelf - they’re small and compact, and will be a great way to bond with your housemates when you feel like staying in!